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Welcome! Looking for a way to make your baby's crib a "Safe Sleep Zone" 
& stop your toddler climbing out? 
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Aussie Cot Net Co...Unique & Original Australian Design 1998

Quality Tested & Safety Certified...satisfaction guaranteed...

#1 Selling...Crib Tent- Pop-up Crib Safety exactly what you are looking for!

Demonstration by Designer, Michelle Wackrow
White Satin Trim With Moons & Stars, beautiful new custom made fabric selling now!

Meet Happy Mom of Twin Girl's, Laurie

13 December 2014 Laurie Lewin USA

 Hi Michelle,

We set up the crib nets last night. They are beautifully constructed, and I love the white colors. The self lock zipper is brilliant. Even when escape artist Dylan pulled down the tent to reach the zipper she could not unzip herself. We told the girls they were princess Elsa's princess ice castle tents from the movie Frozen.

The Crib Tent Pop-up Safety Net... 
Quality Tested & Safety Certified!
Angela of Missouri,
Crib Pop-up Safety Net Review

" I absolutely love this! I read the story about Ashley; and that is so like what happened with us. When we brought Maddox home he had acid reflux and was in a sling to keep him upright so he wouldn't keep choking on his spit up. Once he out grew that, then he was able to sleep freely in the crib. He was so tiny (he was a preemie to start with) and his arm was wedged between the bar and mattress and he was stuck so firmly he couldn't fully get his head out of the mattress pad. It was awful, thank goodness he is a screamer! This crib tent gives me such peace of mind. I am an organizer for a mom's group and I always tell the mom's about this tent and how great it is. As soon as the mom comes to see the tent in action they get why I love it!"

5 Reasons you need my crib net now...   

1. Climbing Toddler:  Your toddler climbed out of his crib, you desperately need a safe way to keep him in. You just found it!             

2. Cats: Your looking for a way to cat proof your baby's crib because you are not willing to take any chances with your baby's safety. Cats are intelligent animals, show your cat the crib tent is not for them, show the cat the tent moves and they will stay away.

3. Insects: You need to protect your precious baby from dirty, nasty insects like cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes even scorpions.

4. Baby Stuck: Your baby gets his or her little shoulder, arm and leg dangerously stuck between the crib slats, the same way my baby Ashley did. You need a safe way to prevent this happening.

5. Baby # 2:baby. With your new baby due and your toddler still at the throw everything stage, you need to protect your baby. 

 Hello, I'm Michelle Wackrow owner of Aussie Cot Net Co BN20256279 and like you my child's safety comes first. In 1998 I designed the Baby Crib Safety Net to keep my son Ashley safe in his crib.

I am excited to be sharing my invention with you now. I have exactly what you are looking for to make your baby's crib a safe sleep zone...and stop toddlers climbing out of the crib!

Aussie Cot Net Co #1 Selling Unique Original Australian Design 1998...

My Pop-up Crib Safety Net is #1 for crib you total peace of mind and a good nights sleep. The crib tent- net closes securely with a zip. The super strong, soft to touch mesh netting sits inside the crib with a fitted bottom that holds it firmly under the mattress there is no loose netting your child won't get tangled. Your precious baby is now protected. No cats or nasties get in and no toddlers get out. Your baby will love the cosy feeling the tent gives them. Stop toddlers climbing and falling out of the crib! 

Pop-up Crib Safety Net- Tent

  • Quality Tested & Safety Certified.
  • Help Stop toddlers climbing & falling out of the crib.
  • Help Baby relax & sleep better.
  • Super strong, soft touch mesh netting.
  • Easily fits inside your crib in seconds.
  • Secure Zip Closure, please close to the top.
  • Fits a convertible and other cribs.
  • Fits a standard mattress size of around 51" (130cm) long x 27" (70cm) wide.
Safety First Crib Tent! The spun wire self supporting hoops have no beginning, no end and no sharp bits they are flexible and will always bounce back to it's original shape, The tailored design of the crib net means it fits snugly to the inside of the crib and holds under the mattress without a fully enclosed base this is designed for safety. The pop-up crib net measures 130cm long x 70cm wide x 130cm high
March 21, 2014

I love this crib net. Now I can feel safe when my baby is sleeping in her crib and my cats can still be in the house.

 Crib Pop-up Safety Net-Crib Tent Shop Online And Save $$$
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Ashley's Story...

4 AM! Baby Ashley is screaming. I found Ashley in his crib pined on his tummy, his leg, arm and shoulder stuck tightly in the crib rails with his head bent backwards cutting off his air supply.
Yes I panicked! I rushed Ashley to our local hospital, the Doctor told me "Ashley was very lucky as he would have suffocated left in that position”!
Urgently I set about making Ashley's very own  Crib Safety Net, Baby Ashley slept safely from that night on. 
Then as a toddler Ashley's Crib Safety Net kept him safe from climbing and falling out of his crib. Now in 2013 Ashley is a happy Fifteen year old.

Tried and tested My Unique Baby Pop-up Crib Tent gets rave reviews from satisfied customers Mom's and Dad's all over the world, your baby will love the cosy feeling the tent gives him. I chose a white satin moon and stars trim, perfect for both boy's and girl's. I recommend that you fit my Crib Tent- Net as soon as your baby is born this will ensure your baby avoids crib accidents as he grows. 

My Crib Tent pop-up Safety Net is beautifully designed to enhance your nursery decor.

Childproofing...Your baby's safety comes first, start childproofing in the nursery by fitting my Crib Net.

Looking for a baby shower gift idea? look no further, my Crib Pop-up Safety Tent- Net makes the perfect baby shower gift.


CribTent- Pop-up Safety Net...Quality Tested & Certified!

Quality Tested & Certified  Help Stop Toddlers Climbing & Falling Out 
Super Strong Mesh Netting    Zip Closure  Helps Baby Relax & Sleep Better
 Easily Fits Inside Your Crib In Seconds  Fits a Covertable Crib & Other Crib Styles 

Crib Pop-up Safety Net...

Crib Pop-up Safety Net...
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The Aussie Cot Net Co, unique design Crib Tent fits convertible cribs and others with a standard mattress size around 52" (130cm) long x 27" (70cm) wide. Made using super strong, soft to touch mesh netting, the self supporting safety frame is flexible spun wire it will hold to it's original shape even after movement. The crib tent installs in seconds with no assembly required. The crib net sits snugly inside the crib for safety, No way can a toddler become trapped between the netting and the crib frame, the bottom of the net sits well under the mattress far enough to hold the net and closes securely with a zip. Your precious baby will sleep better and be protected from nasty dirty creepy crawlies and cats entering the crib. Stop Toddlers climbing out of the crib...

The Crib Tent Pop-up Safety Net... 
Quality Tested & Safety Certified!

You... and your baby will sleep better with the Crib Tent Pop-up Safety Net fitted to your baby's crib.

The pop-up crib net measures 130cm long x 70cm wide x 130cm high

Satisfaction Guaranteed! 
"Truly a Life Saver"

World-Wide Shipping DHL express to your door in 4 to 6 business days $39.00, added at the checkout DHL only deliver to street addresses, not PO Boxes.
Australian orders only are sent registered post $20.00 added at the checkout select Australia Post.

You are buying the crib tent pictured here with the beautiful white satin trim.

Payments are in USD

This product, the Crib Popup Safety Net, is a great option for a child with special needs, in our case Autism, who enjoys unauthorized midnight walkabouts. My husband and I truly feel that this product has changed our lives. We can sleep soundly at night knowing that our son is safe and in his crib at all hours. A great thanks to the product...

Crib Tents


"I took part in the product testing of the Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net. I highly recommend it, a must have item for crib safety. The Crib Tent does everything it says it will for creating a safe sleep zone for your baby and it's so pretty. Well done Michelle."
Erin Hughs 1998
Baby Crib Safety Net- Crib Tent Reviews

Crib Tent Reviews

"I bought my Cot Tent in 1998, I used it for both of my children, before I gave it to my friend for her first baby and it is still going strong. Now I have just bought a second Cot Tent as a gift for my neighbour so they can keep their cat out of the baby's cot. We all love your Cot Net and are very impressed with it. Well done!
Tanya Rae, Tamborine Village QLD Australia
I Love It!

Crib Safety


Looking for a baby shower gift idea? look no further.

The Crib Tents beautifully designed to enhance your baby nursery decor. The Crib Tents a perfect fit for a convertible or 3 in 1 crib. With crib safety in mind our Crib Tents essential to stop toddlers from climbing out of the crib. Crib netting- mosquito net crib canopy that is the best crib netting to keep cats off. Read what Mom's and Dad's have to say about the Crib Tent at Crib Tent Reveiws.

Read Ashley's Story why a Cot Tent is so important for crib safety and why it should be at the top of your baby safety products shopping list for childproofing your home..

See our products page for  the baby crib tent and a full display of products for the perfect baby shower gift idea.

Crib Tent - Pop-up Crib Safety Net

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Disclaimer: Aussie Cot Net Co is the designer of the Crib Pop-up Safety Net. All care is taken to produce and supply a quality product free from defect. The buyer is responsible for the secure installation of the product. If the product is damaged at any time stop using it and remove it from the crib. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult.
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Crib Pop-up Safety Net- crib tent
Quality Tested
Safety Certified

Mrs Nomi Leidner 

 "It Works"

The Only Crib Tent That Works It's a great thing and works for us. Because I have a convertible crib, your crib tent really works!
Nomi Leidner
It Works!
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Angela Oliva

Hi Michelle! Our crib tent came last night. Thank you again for everything!!! I am sending you the video saying how much I love your product!!!! Our son had a fabulous night's sleep in his palace as we call it. I have been recommending you to everyone!
I Loveo It
 Sleep Again!


"My 7 month old daughter was sleeping in my bed since she got stuck in the cot slats, all was well until she fell out onto the floor. A friend told me about your crib tent, it sounded great and I have bought one and fitted it to Sarah's cot. Now she is back sleeping safely in her cot thanks."
Amanda Burkins
My baby fell out of my bed.

Tanya Rae

I bought my Cot Tent in 1998, I used it for both of my children, before I gave it to my friend for her first baby and it is still going strong. Now I have just bought a second Cot Tent as a gift for my neighbour so they can keep their cat out of the baby's cot. We all love your Cot Net and are very impressed with it.
Tanya Rae
I Love it.


"My toddler Matthew escaped from his cot at nap time, went exploring on our farm. That was the worst day of my life anything could have happened to him. I found Matthew in the horse paddock, he was fine. That was the first and last escape he pulled now his cot has your crib tent fitted."
Tracey Bos
My toddler escaped cot on farm.


"Thanks to my Grandmother who gave me my best baby shower gift, your crib tent. I have two cats they have been stopped in their tracks now thanks to you and my Gran. The crib tent is the best crib netting to keep cats off the cot. Thanks you have made my life much easier not having to worry."
Christine Billingham
Best baby shower gift.