Crib Tent Safety Information

Aussie Cot Net Co, Original Design Crib Pop-up Safety Net-Tent.

Aussie Cot Net Co Is The Only Company Qualified To Make The Original And The Best Baby Crib Safety Net - Tent! Quality & Safety Tried & Tested Since 1998 
Aussie Cot Net Co is a registered business, complies with all safety standards, best business practices and has all necessary licences.  Owner Michelle Wackrow is contactable directly by phone. 61401812905, email.

100% SAFE! Complies with all CPSC Safety Standard Requirements!
Baby Crib Safety Net - Tent the only safe solution!
Safety & Quality Tried & Tested! 

Aussie Crib Tents...Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

As you can appreciate there was extencive research and development undertaken before I started selling my crib tents.

My crib popup safety net has been years in development and testing. One of the main safety feature is my spun wire flexible frame, it is light weight and will always pop back to it's original shape and position.

I sell many of my crib nets to medical foster parents for special needs children and to other related government departments in the USA.


My Crib Pop-up Safety Net is quality tested and safety certified.

Crib Popup Safety Net products meet the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the date of purchase. I have been making and selling my crib nets for over 18 years and have conducted product testing and parent surveys at major baby expos, with great success.

The Crib Pop-up Safety Net is suitable and preferable to use from birth.

I have chosen a super strong breathable mesh netting and an auto locking zipper in my manufacturing.

If you are buying the crib net for an older toddler please introduce it in a child friendly way for example, "look a princess castle" or " look a princes castle".
I am here to help, If you have a question please contact me. Michelle Wackrow Manager, Aussie Cot Net Co.

I get asked how my crib nets are different from the recalled Tots in mind tents.

Tots in mind tents were recalled in 2010 following the report of injuries that occurred as far back as January 1997. Tots in mind tents had 2 main safety issues. Firstly they did not fit most cribs or play pens, this meant parents modified the tents to try and make them fit. This was very unsafe. Secondly the frame used by tots in mind was a rigid heavy frame that attached to the top rail of the crib, this was an unsafe design, when the attachment clips broke or loosened a child could become entrapped between the top rail of the crib and the tent. When any weight went on top of the frame from say a cat or toy, the frame collapsed onto the child in the crib. Often, damaged tents continued to be used this caused more accidents.

Ms Michelle Wackrow

Manager, Aussie Cot Net Co

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