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Baby Crib Safety Tents

Baby Crib Safety Tents

Quality- Safety Tried &Tested    Stop Babies- Toddlers Climbing & Falling Out 
 See-through, Strong Mesh Netting    Auto-Lock Zip Closure  Helps Baby Sleep Better
  Fits Inside Your Crib In Seconds  Fits a Convertible Crib & Other Crib Styles 

Aussie Crib Tents, by Designer, Inventor Michelle Wackrow, owner of Aussie Cot Net Co, Since 1998

Baby Crib Safety Net- Tent...

Baby Crib Safety Net- Tent...

Baby Crib Safety Net- Tent...
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Proven to stop Babies & Toddlers crawling, climbing or falling out of the crib...

Sleepless Nights? up all night putting your baby back in the crib. It's time to get your sleep back with my Pop-up Crib Tent. Babies love the secure cosy feeling the tent gives them and they sleep better too!

  • Best- Trusted- Premium- Safe- Baby Crib Safety Net-Tent
  • See-through black netting, strong, soft to the touch, breathable mesh fabric. 
  • Cotton Jersey fabric base with stretch.
  • The net closes securely with an auto lock zip. No loose netting, your baby can’t get tangled.  
  • 5 seconds to install with no assembly required.
  • The self-supporting safety frame is flexible spun wire, it will hold to its original shape even after movement. 
  • Designed to fit crib styles with a mattress measuring approximately 52" x 28"
  • Crib Tent measures 132cm (52") long x 72cm (28") wide x 132cm (52") high 

Babies love the secure cosy feeling the tent gives them and they sleep better. Stop bugs, cats and scary monsters entering the crib. Stop Babies and Toddlers climbing- crawling and falling out of their crib. 

100% SAFE! Independently Tested to Meet and Exceed US CPSC Baby Product Safety Requirements!

Fits cribs and toddler beds with a mattress measuring 52" x 28" 
Baby Crib Safety Net - Tent 

"Truly a Life Saver"

US Warehousing FREE 2 Day Express US Shipping 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 9 reviews: 5.0
Great Product, Even Better Customer Service!I’m really happy that I chose this crib tent. I did a TON of research on these. I have a newborn and an overly friendly cat and was desperate to find a way to keep the cat out of the crib. Keeping the door closed and listening to the cat cry outside the door endlessly was miserable. This tent is a total game changer. The baby and cat can be in the same room. The baby is safe and the cat is happy... fabulous!!! There are a lot of different versions of these on the market, but I definitely think this is the way to go for several reasons. First, it’s very well made and high quality. I don’t have any concerns that my cat will be able to “break in” or damage the tent in any way. I also feel that it is safe for baby. There are no obvious suffocation or strangulation risks to me. Other versions on the market I question the safety of. That alone to me is worth paying a little more. Second, the customer service was truly exceptional. I had a problem with the shipping on my order. I emailed the company to let them know and within minutes Michelle, who I believe might be the owner responded and immediately went above and beyond to resolve the issue. I was totally impressed and can say I whole heartedly recommend this company! If you’re on the fence as to whether of not you should spend a little extra and get this crib tent or get a cheaper imitation DEFINITELY get this one! It’s so worth it. You’ll be really glad you did! Written by Kathryn on Thu 31 Oct 2019 2:00:30 AM GMT
LOVE This Tent!!We've had ours for almost a year and a half and we are about to switch it to our son's toddler bed! . I cant tell you how much I love this product and the piece of mind that comes with it knowing he is safe. this is by far my favorite baby product to date and I highly recommend it to anyone with children under the age of 4! Written by Jessica on Sun 25 Nov 2018 4:03:29 PM GMT
CHANGED OUR LIVESThis invention (and the lovely lady who makes it) has honestly saved my families sanity. Our special needs son who is non verbal, autistic and has global developmental delay was escaping constantly from his cot. He was 2.5 years old but in no way ready for a "big boy bed". We'd tried everything to try and keep him in, special PJ's with limited leg mobility, even lowering this cot to an 'unofficial' level. Nothing worked and he was still escaping at all hours of the night simply because he could. We were very worried for his safety and we were all losing sleep over the situation.
After hours of trolling the internet for ideas and solutions, we came across this amazing site that was EXACTLY what we'd been looking for.
He took to it straight away and he has been an excellent sleeper ever since.
This cot net has CHANGED OUR LIVES. Saved our sleep and our sanity.
My son is now almost 4 and still uses this every day.
Thank you so much, we are eternally grateful to you and this product!
Written by Laura Ballard on Tue 17 Apr 2018 1:19:48 AM GMT
Best investment ever!We can not sat enough good about our tent!!!! We purchased about 2 years ago and we are still using for our sons toddler bed!! He loves it and we take it everywhere we go! He can't sleep with out it. I recommend buying this product for every baby. Our son fell out of his crib one night and on another occasion his leg was trapped in the railing!! It scared us so bad and I immediately went onine seeking IMMEDIATE HELP FOR OUR SITUATION!. I FOUND THIS SITE AND ORDERED IMMEDIATLEY. within 4 days we his tent up and running! This has saved us many, many nights sleep and the safety of our baby. He is now 4 and still wants his tent when he's ready for bed!!! Love, love ,love! !!! Written by Michelle page on Wed 10 Aug 2016 1:31:10 PM GMT
Baby Crib Safety NetFantastic, so easy to install,and as soon as you walk into the room you can see baby sleeping safe and sound.Its taken so much worry away,now I know my baby is completely protected,and when she gets bigger she won't be climbing out of the crib.. Written by Jean on Fri 1 Aug 2008 4:41:32 AM GMT
Baby Crib Safety netI love it and my baby loves it. I can't believe how easy it was to put up and it's so pretty. Written by Isabelle Wade on Thu 24 Jul 2008 7:30:24 AM GMT
Baby Crib Safety NetGreat! now I sleep all night. My baby was waking me up every time she lost her toy out the crib, but not any more thanks to your net. Written by Sandra on Wed 23 Jul 2008 5:40:49 AM GMT
Baby Crib Safety NetFabulous just what I was looking for to keep my baby's legs and arms in the cot. Written by Theresa Holder on Tue 22 Jul 2008 2:51:58 AM GMT
Baby Crib Safety NetJust what I was looking for and it was so easy to put up. Written by Julie M on Tue 22 Jul 2008 2:38:50 AM GMT
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Hello, I'm Michelle Wackrow owner of Aussie Cot Net Co, like you, my child's safety comes first. In 1998 I designed the Baby Crib Safety Net to keep my son Ashley safe in his crib after he got his little shoulder and leg stuck in the crib rails.

I am excited to be sharing my invention with you now. I have exactly what you are looking for to make your baby's crib a safe sleep zone...and stop babies and toddlers climbing and falling out of the crib!
Ashley's Story

July 1998 It's 4 am! My Baby Ashley is crying, he's is pain. I found him with his little leg, arm and shoulder stuck tightly in the crib rails, he was face down with his head tilting back making it hard fro him to breath.
Yes I panicked! I rushed Ashley to our local hospital, the Doctor told me "Ashley was very lucky as he would have suffocated left in that position”!
That night I designed and made Ashley the very first Crib Safety Tent! Ashley slept safely. No getting stuck, No climbing or falling out of his crib!  
Now thanks to Ashley this Crib Tent is giving babies worldwide a "Safe Sleep Zone" Since 1998
2018 Ashley is a happy 20 year old.
My Crib Tent pop-up Safety Net is beautifully designed, features my exclusively developed "Starry Night" colour see-through mesh. 

Childproofing...Your baby's safety comes first, start childproofing in the nursery by fitting my Crib Net.
Aussie Cot Net Co is a registered business, complies with all safety standards, best business practices.
Owner Michelle Wackrow is contactable directly by email by phone 61 401812905 

Aussie Crib Tents...Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

Angela of Missouri, Crib Pop-up Safety Net Review
Crib Tent

Crib Tent



"Hi Michelle! Our crib tent came last night. Thank you again for everything!!! I am sending you the video saying how much I love your product!!!! Our son had a fabulous night's sleep in his palace as we call it. I have been recommending you to everyone!"
I Love it.

Crib Netting | Fitted Crib Tent

How "safe" is your baby's sleep zone?

The purpose of a baby's crib- cot is to provide a "Safe Sleep Zone" for your baby. The first two years of your baby's life are the most vulnerable and your baby is left unattended when in the crib .

At times the crib can be a very "Unsafe Sleep Zone". Still today there are so many tragic accidents involving the crib, many of which are preventable. 

The Crib Tent fitted crib net makes your baby's crib a "Safe Sleep Zone" and Keeps Your Baby Safe!

It is recommended to use the Baby Crib Safety Net from birth.

We have talked to literally hundreds of new Moms and Dads about the problems they are facing. 

Some of the most common concerns parents have are...

  • When the baby starts to get more mobile and starts to climb out of the crib again and again. Mom and Dad are up all night putting the climbing baby back into the crib. No one is getting any sleep. If the worst happens and the baby has a nasty fall causing serious injury or death. You can't take it back for a do over. This is very serious.

  • How to keep out the nasty creepy crawlies, flies, mosquitoes, spiders and so on. Depending on where you live some of these can be deadly.
  • How to keep your baby's favourite toy, bottle or pacifier in the crib. When your baby looses their toy or pacifier they become unsettled.
  •  The baby getting his or her legs and arms stuck in the crib slats. This can cause serious injury or death.
    •   If you have a loose fitting- free flowing mosquito net over you baby's crib, you baby can easily pull the netting into the crib and become tangled. This does happen and can cause choking or suffocation and death.
      •   The baby gets his or her clothing caught up on the crib corner post when climbing out. When this happens the baby doesn't always make it to the floor but is left hanging causing serious injury or death.
        •   Placement of the crib near windows is a no no!. The baby can climb up and fall out of the window or get tangled in the blind cord causing serious injury or death.
            •   Family pets, cats and dogs getting into the crib with the baby. Cats are known for this and it is very dangerous. If the cat snuggles up to the baby's face this can cause the baby to suffocate causing death.

             You can see the results in all of these common accidents are the same.

            Read what Moms and Dads are saying about my Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net at Crib Tent Reviews.

            Child Safety Is NO Accident! 

            "YES" 5 Minutes Today Could Save Your Baby's Life!

            Make your baby's crib a "Safe Sleep Zone" Fit My Crib Tent Today!

            Baby Crib Safety Products

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            Looking for a baby shower gift idea? look no further.

            Baby safety products are always at the top of your shopping list. The Crib Tent  is beautifully designed to enhance your baby nursery decor. Fits all crib styles and sizes, It's the perfect Crib Tent - fitted crib net for a convertible or 3 in 1 crib. With crib safety in mind our Crib Tent is essential crib bedding. Crib netting the best crib netting to keep cats off.

            Read Why a Crib Tent is so important for crib safety and why it should be at the top of your baby safety products shopping list for childproofing you home.

            See our products page for the Baby Crib Tents and a full display of products for the perfect baby shower gift.

            Published Article by Michelle Wackrow

            Published Article by Michelle Wackrow

            Co-Sleeping…is it for you?

            Sleep sharing or co-sleeping is when you regularly share your bed with your baby while sleeping.

            It is a common practice in many countries around the world and now is becoming more acceptable in western countries.

            The decision to co-share your bed with your baby is one that needs to be made on a personal basis and with consideration of the safety issues.

            There are reasons for and against co-sleeping, the major concern of those who are opposed to it being a fear for the baby's safety. 

            Being a new parent you take your baby's safety seriously, from day one when you were getting the nursery ready you would have chosen your crib and change table with your baby's safety in mind and you have purchased a safe car capsule and a safe stroller.

            Pretty soon you will be out shopping again for more safety items to childproof your home from power points to doors.

            Many mothers find that the convenience of having their baby in bed with them when it is time for feeding can help them to get more sleep and to sleep better knowing that they have access to their baby at all times through the night.

            You may find that placing your baby's own crib in your bedroom next to your bed is very convenient for night feeding. I did this with my baby and I felt so much better knowing I could check on him anytime through the night and I could hear him breathing.

            There is of course the concern that it might be difficult for the baby to sleep alone as it grows older. Toddlers and small children often want to sleep with their parents for comfort so if you start co-sleeping with a new born you may not get them out of your bed until they start school.

            Some babies actually sleep better alone and if that is the case then co-sleeping is not for your baby. If you feel better having your baby close to you then all you need to do is move the crib into your bedroom then you and your baby are both happy.

            If you and your partner are restless sleepers then co-sleeping will usually make this a bigger problem and there is also the danger of a baby sleeping with restless parents getting smothered unintentionally in the night.

            The chance of the baby being smothered while sleeping is the biggest concern of those people who are opposed to co-sleeping, another big concern is that your baby may fall out of the bed onto the floor.

            There are other factors that need to be taken into consideration such as the effect it will have on your intimacy with your partner. Sleep deprived new parents don't need additional stress.

            Sometimes it is a little more difficult to wean the baby off breast feeding as they have had the convenience of feeding on demand through the night.

            As with most decisions you make concerning your baby there will be pros and cons for the actions you take and your decision to co-sleep needs to be made entirely based on your own personal preferences and circumstances.

            Author, Michelle Wackrow.

            Inventor Mum of the new baby crib safety net. Michelle's unique design makes the crib net a safer concept in baby crib mosquito- cat nets.


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