Crib Tents Guarantee
Baby Crib Tents - Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Baby Crib Tents - Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Baby Crib Tents Are Safety & Quality Tried & Tested Since 1998.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back! products meet the highest quality standards, are all under guarantee to be free from defects in materials and workmanship after close quality inspection at the time of manufacturing, prior to packaging. 

I have been making and selling my crib nets for over 21 years and have conducted product testing and parent surveys at major baby expos, with great success.

The Crib Pop-up Safety Net is suitable to use from birth.

If you are buying the crib net for an older toddler please introduce it in a friendly way like her princess castle or his cubby, I am sure you get what I mean.

100% GuaranteeIf you have a question or are not sure for any reason please contact me before you purchase my crib net and we can discuss your concerns and hopefully help you to decide if my crib net is right for your needs.

I stand behind my crib net 100% please use your common sense when introducing it to a toddler who has been climbing out of his crib, make the introduction friendly and allow your child time to get used to it. 

Cats well they should not be anywhere near the baby's room at all and my crib net will keep them out of the crib it is a good idea to show the cat there is nowhere for him to sit on the crib net and that it will move if he tries to jump on it.

Please understand I have gone to great lengths to describe and picture my pop-up crib tent accurately and explain how it works, the safety features including the flexible frame.

If you have any questions please contact me before you purchase.

I stand behind my product with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. A replacement if a fault occurs with normal day to day use. You must stop using any faulty products immediately and remove them from the crib and provide us with full details of the fault in writing with photos asap.

Please contact the seller asap, within 21 days of your receipt of the item if you want to discuss a return.

Please know I am here to help and I pride myself on having happy customers.

It is recommended that you use the Crib Pop-up Safety Net from the very beginning when your child is a new baby so that he or she grows up with the crib net and loving the net. The netting fabric is strong breathable mesh netting, tested for day to day use. Please remember it is fabric and is not and is not designed to be in the middle of a toddler tantrums if the net is introduced to an older child after they have been allowed to climb in and out of their crib you will need to train your child to accept the crib net by introducing the crib net to them in a way that they love it. This could be with the crib net out of the crib place it on the floor with the mattress inside you could have it for the first daytime nap on the floor in the family room. 


I am selling my Popup Crib Safety Net in US Dollars my crib nets have been in research and development since 1998. I have exhibited my crib nets at parent and baby expos, have my crib nets independently assessed and quality tested, I manufacture my own fabrics and my product and manufacturing processes comply with the highest standards. It is all of these things and more that are part of the pricing of a quality product.  

Warranty Policy:

All products are warranted directly by our company Aussie Cot Net Co the designer and manufacturer. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.


The owner must show proof of purchase.
The seller will supply the customer with the return address.
This guarantee applies providing all reasonable care is taken and the product has been used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
Does not cover damage, malfunction or failure resulting from misuse, neglect, abuse or use other than that for which it was designed.


Aussie Cot Net Co is the designer of the Crib Pop-up Safety Net.
All care is taken to produce and supply a quality product free from defect.
The buyer is responsible for the secure installation of the product.
If the product is damaged at any time stop using it and remove it from the crib.
Children must be supervised by a responsible adult.

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