Crib Tent Safety
Crib Tent Safety
You Asked...Are Crib Tents Safe? We Answered

You Asked...Are Crib Tents Safe? We Answered

Are Crib Tents Safe?

Yes & No  "Please Be Aware Of Cheap Imitations"

If it's cheap they have cut corners and compromised the quality safety. I can see just by looking!

Aussie Cot Net Co - The Original Designing Company Of The Pop-up Crib Safety Tent.


We have 20+ years’ expertise in crib tent research, development, design and safety.

We listening to our customers, work closely with parents to ensure our crib tents meet their needs. We take the safety of our products very seriously. Our market leading design and attention to quality and detail brings you the very best baby crib safety net- tent available.

100% SAFE! Independently tested to exceed all CPSC Baby Product Safety Standards.
US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Baby Crib Safety Net - Tent the only safe solution!
Safety & Quality Tried & Tested! Since 1998

Aussie Cot Net Co, is a registered business in Australia.

Owner Michelle Wackrow is contactable directly by phone. 61401812905, email:

As you can appreciate extensive research, development and consultations with parents was undertaken before I started selling my crib tents. 

Details only we know. "Safety is in the detail" 

We have conducted product showings and parent surveys at major baby expos since 1998, with great success. 

"Please Be Aware Of Cheap Imitations" If it's cheap they have cut corners and compromised the quality safety. I can see just by looking!

How it all began, the why!
"July 1998 It's 4 am! My Baby Ashley is crying, he's in pain. I found him with his little leg, arm and shoulder stuck tightly in the crib rails, he was face down with his head tilting back making it hard for him to breath.
Yes, I panicked! I rushed Ashley to our local hospital, the Doctor told me "Ashley was very lucky as he would have suffocated left in that position”
That night I designed and made Ashley the very first Crib Safety Tent. Ashley slept safely. No getting stuck, No climbing or falling out of his crib!  Now thanks to Ashley this Crib Tent is giving babies worldwide a "Safe Sleep Zone" Since 1998"

Pop-up Crib Tent Safety Features...No More Crib Escapes! 

Safety feature include the spun wire flexible frame, it is light weight and will always pop back to it's original shape and position even after movement. Strong, soft touch breathable mesh netting. Custom colour gives you a clear view to your baby and cuts down light making it easier for your baby to settle for sleep. Auto-locking zipper. No loose netting, you baby can't get tangled. Made strong for Baby's and Toddlers.

Trusted fro 20+ Years, we sell our crib nets to medical foster parents for special needs children and to other related government departments in the USA.


Our Crib Pop-up Safety Net is quality tested and safety certified.

Premium Crib Popup Safety Net-Tents meet the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the date of purchase. We have been making and selling our crib nets for 20+ years because we care!

Great value the Crib Pop-up Safety Net is suitable to use on the crib from as soon as your baby is born and will fit onto the toddler bed in the future.

If you are buying the crib net for an older toddler please introduce it in a child friendly way for example, "look a princess castle" or " look a princes castle".
I am here to help, If you have a question please contact me. Michelle Wackrow Manager, Aussie Cot Net Co.

Standout Features!

  • Quality - Safety Tried & Tested - Over 20 Years Experience.
  • Strong Soft-touch Breathable Mesh Netting To Maintain Airflow.
  • Auto Locking Zip Closure.
  • No Loose Netting - Your Baby Can't Get Tangled.
  • See-through Mesh Netting For Viewing Your Baby Day & Night.
  • Self-Supporting Flexible Safety Frame.
  • Installs In Seconds - With No Assembly Required.
  • Fits Crib Styles With A Mattress Measuring 51" long x 27" wide.
  • Pop-up Baby Crib Safety Tent Size 51" high x 51" long x 27" wide.
  • Travel Crib Tent Fits A Mattress Measuring 37" long x 25" wide.
  • Pop-up Travel Crib Safety Tent Size 47" high x 37" long x 25" wide.
Benefits You'l Love!
  • Get your sleep back! Say goodbye to sleepless nights putting your climbing baby back into their crib again and again.
  • "Starry Night" Crib Tent helps your baby settle and sleep better day and night.
  • Easy Day & Night Baby Monitor Viewing. Keep an eye on your baby from anywhere in your home.
  • Pop-up Crib Tent is Ideal for bug and cat proofing your baby's crib.
  • The best solution to prevent your baby from getting their little shoulder, arm or leg dangerously stuck between the crib rails.
  • Practical and Fun! Both you and your baby will get the most out of the Crib Tent, your baby will love the fun sleep tents cosy feel and you will all be rewarded with a good nights sleep.
  • You benefit from our expertise and 20 years experience designing and making our Crib Safety Tents.
  • Value, peace of mind for years. Use the Crib Tent on the baby's crib and toddler bed.

Aussie Crib Tents...Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

When Comparing Be Aware Of Imitations!

"There is NO substitute for the Real thing"

I get asked how my crib nets are different from the recalled Tots in mind tents.

Tots in mind tents were recalled in 2010 following the report of injuries that occurred as far back as January 1997. Tots in mind tents had many serious safety issues. 

They did not fit most cribs or play pens, this meant parents modified the tents to try and make them fit. This was very unsafe. 

The frame used by tots in mind was a rigid heavy frame that when broken it caused injury, the frame attached to the top rail of the crib, this was an unsafe design, when the attachment clips broke or loosened a child could become entrapped between the top rail of the crib and the tent, like a guillotine. When any weight went on top of the frame from say a cat or toy, the frame collapsed onto the child in the crib and stayed down.

Velcro straps used would become attached to the netting fabric warring it into holes that could become big enough to be an entrapment hazard to a child.

Often, damaged tents continued to be used this caused more accidents and deaths.

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