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Shopping Essentials | Nursery check list



A safe, comfortable place for your baby to sleep until age 2 or 3.
Our very own design, breathable crib netting that fits inside the crib. Stops any nasty creepy crawlies and cats entering the crib. Stops baby getting caught in the crib slats. Stops baby climbing and falling out of the crib.

Crib mattress & waterproof cover
A cushioned surface for sleeping plus protection from moisture, dust, and odors.

Crib sheets (2-3)
Soft, fitted sheets that stay safely tucked around the crib mattress.

Changing table & pad
Reduces back strain by placing your baby at just the right height.

Changing table pad cover
A washable cover that keeps your baby comfy during diaper changes.

Receiving blankets (2-5)
For swaddling, added warmth, burp cloths, and even to protect from sun or wind.

Undershirts, stretchy sleepers, socks or booties, hat, sweater or jacket.

Baby monitor
Lets you keep tabs on your baby from any room in the house.

Towels and washcloths (2-3)
Perfectly sized and soft against a baby's delicate skin.

Stock up - newborns go through 10 to 12 diapers per day. Both disposable and cloth.

Wipes and creams
To gently cleanse, moisturize, and protect your baby's sensitive diaper area.

Lets you check on your baby without turning on a bright light.

Diaper disposal
A convenient, sanitary, mostly odorless way to dispose of diapers.

Pacifiers and bottles
A safe way to satisfy your baby's need to suck. And if you are unable to breast feed or your baby needs water.
Electrical outlet covers
To keep curious fingers and small objects out of wall outlets.
Bouncy seat
A safe, portable seat to hold your baby.

Organic Shopping

Organic baby products seem to be what every parent wants right now. It is all part of wanting the best for your baby. Organic products are restricted in their use of chemicals and should contain fewer additives or chemical treatments than standard products. Some will also be fair trade so you can be sure the manufacturer is not profiting from exploitative work policies. Buying organic gives you as a parent more security in knowing that nothing toxic or harmful should be coming in contact with your beautiful baby. Fortunately there are many organic baby care products available to consumers today.

Organic Baby Bath Products

Baby bath wash and lotion is a small but important purchase that you will be making. If you buy organic bath products you should find that all of the ingredients are natural. Soap ingredients should be plant-based rather than made from animal fats, herbal oils will be used, and any coloring and fragrance should be natural. Organic products will usually be easier on your baby's skin, so that sensitivities and rashes are less likely to develop. Also you should not need to worry about the long term effects if your baby drinks some of the bath water.

Organic Diaper Cream

Organic diaper ointment or cream is a wonderful product and comes highly recommended. An organically formulated diaper cream should be 100% natural and perfect for your baby's sensitive bottom. Again herbal essential oils, beeswax and natural plant-derived butters are used. These are less likely to cause irritation than chemical-based products, and they are usually easier to wipe away.

Organic Baby Food

Organic baby food has become popular in the last couple of decades along with all other organic food. The rules for organic food products are very stringent and if the label says 'organic' you can be sure that the ingredients were all grown in an environment free of pesticides. In addition, purified water will be used and the mashed and strained fruits and vegetables that you buy for your baby will have undergone less processing if they are organic.

You can also buy organic infant formula which gives your baby a great start in life. This is made from the same ingredients as non-organic formula except that it will be free of pesticide residues and genetically modified ingredients. It may be easier for babies to digest and the lack of chemical residues means that it is less likely to spark an allergic reaction.

Organic Baby Clothes

Organic baby clothing is usually made from organically grown cotton. The same rules apply as for organic food. The cotton will not have been sprayed with pesticides and is less likely to irritate your baby's skin. The fabric is often softer too. However, the lack of treatments means that the cotton is more likely to shrink, so you may want to buy a size bigger than you need right now.

Organic Baby Toys

The way babies put their toys in their mouths all the time, you will see why many parents want to buy organic baby toys. You almost have to consider them as food! Organic toys will be made from natural materials, without the chemicals that are found in plastics. Examples of organic toys are rag dolls and other soft toys made of cotton, wooden trucks and other wooden toys, and board books made of organic cardboard. Organic toys are very attractive with an old fashioned style and although they can be more expensive, they will be high quality and often last longer than cheap toys.

All of these products are things that you and your baby will use every day for the first important formative years. You can be reassured that you are providing your baby with the best chance of staying healthy and growing strong with organic baby products.

We have a great selection of online websites that we link to that sell organic baby products. 

Buying A Baby Crib

The prices for buying a baby crib can vary tremendously but there is one thing that you always need to keep in the back of your mind and that is the fact that a good baby crib is an investment in your child's life. As is the Baby Crib Safety Net.

It is better to pay a little bit more and to get a good safe new baby crib than to try and save a few dollars by buying a second hand one you can't be assured of your child safety.

Another problem with many second hand baby cribs is the fact that people repaint them and quite often the paint that they use can have toxic chemicals in them.

An example of how dangerous that can be to your child's health was brought to light by the recent recall of many children's toys that had been produced   where they had used a lead-based paint.
This paint is toxic to a child and it is not uncommon for people to use the same types of paints to dress up second-hand baby cribs before selling them on to other parents.

As your child grows older and is still using the crib you will find that it is common for most children to chew on the nearest object and that can be that second hand crib that you purchased with the lead based paint on it.

Obviously this is not always the case but where there is room for problems then it is likely to occur when buying second hand rather than quality goods from reputable stores.

New products are covered by government regulations to ensure their safety and you are investing in your child's safety when buying a quality crib.

There is also the condition of the crib that you need to take into consideration and whether it has been maintained well enough by the previous owner to ensure that there are unlikely to be any failures of any kind while you are using it for your child.

Fortunately if you do buy yourself a good quality baby crib you can sell it to somebody else after you have finished using it for your child.

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Crib Bedding

It is important that you choose crib bedding that is not only attractive but is also safe for your baby and this is determined by how well the bedding fits in the crib and the materials used for bedding in direct contact with the baby.

Contrary to what a lot of people believe there can be considerable differences in the quality and safety of bedding even though there are strict regulations in place to determine whether bedding is safe or not.

Often the lower quality cheaper baby bedding products that are sourced from some overseas countries aren't up to a suitable standard to ensure that your baby is going to be safe at all times.

While the authorities try to regulate against the introduction of materials that could be detrimental to your child's health there have been many occasions over recent years where products such as baby bedding and other baby related products have proven to be unsafe even after they have been on the market for some time.

It is usually best to buy from reputable stores where they try to maintain a good level of quality with all their products and only sell child care products and baby bedding where they know that they have been tested for safety including such things as flammability and also for other factors such as ensuring that the fibers don't irritate your child or get inhaled.

There is also the concern that some products are made of materials or have dyes and colours that could affect your child's health.

Many more manufacturers are using natural fibres in their products these days that are less likely to cause allergic reactions to the sensitive skin of young babies.

Natural fibres often allow your baby's skin to breathe a lot better while they are sleeping as opposed to synthetic products and that is another reason why more and more people are choosing natural bedding products rather than their synthetic counterparts.

The size and the design of the bedding can also improve safety by allowing you to be able to tuck in the corners of the bedding insuring that it doesn't get wrapped around your child especially once they get little bit older and start moving about in the bed.

Baby Clothes

Small babies are unable to regulate their body temperature so you will need to make sure that they are kept at a comfortable temperature.

You will need to adjust for the change in temperatures throughout the day and night to maintain the correct body temperature and make sure that your baby is neither too hot nor too cold.

Babies will need their clothes changed regularly so your choice of clothing should be practical rather than fashionable.

Some fabrics can cause allergic reactions in babies and natural fibers are usually less likely to cause irritations than synthetics.

Natural fibers will generally breathe better and that will help you baby to maintain a more stable temperature and for the skin to remain healthier.

Another factor that you will need to consider is the rate that the baby will be growing as this will necessitate regular updates of clothing so you should always try to buy within your budget as the expense can mount up rather rapidly.

Second hand clothing from people you know can be a good solution that will save money and many times the clothes are like new because babies grow so fast that they only use some items of clothing for very little time.

The costs of baby gear have come down in recent years so that is something that will help with your decision whether to borrow or buy new.

Many parents prefer to have their children in new clothing simply because they like the assurance of total cleanliness that can be had when buying new.

Nappies are another area that can have a huge impact on your finances depending on the option that you choose.

You have two choices of nappies and your decision will often be based on convenience alone.

The disposable nappies are certainly a lot more convenient and they will save you a lot of time so they might be the only viable alternative for you if there are other members of the family that require your time also.

The downside of using disposable nappies is the fact that they aren't environmentally friendly and that is a big factor with many people these days as we are becoming more concerned with the state of the environment.

Reusable nappies on the other hand will require more work with washing but you will be rewarded with less expense.

If your baby is getting any unusual rashes with the use of reusable nappies then you might need to look at the type of washing powder that you are using to clean the nappies as some forms of cleaners can cause skin irritations even those that are formulated to be used on babies garments and bedding.

Baby skin is sensitive and it doesn't take much to cause irritations. There might be no other alternative in such situations than to use disposables even though you might feel opposed to using them. At the end of the day your baby's health and well being is first and foremost.

Baby Swimwear

When summer is on the way, it is time to pick out some baby swimwear and have fun with your little one in the pool! Even a new baby just 5 weeks old can enjoy playing with you in the water. Health professionals used to advise waiting until babies had had their 2 month immunizations but that is no longer the case in most areas. Ask your health care specialist but you will probably find they will be very encouraging about your plans to take your baby into the water.

Pool diapers

The first thing you will want for a baby going into the pool is a swim diaper. These can be worn alone or under other swimwear. They have a synthetic waterproof outer coating (usually colored with a cute pattern) and cloth inside, and they are machine washable. While you need not worry too much about urine in the water because the pool chlorination will deal with that, a pool diaper will probably make you more comfortable taking your baby into a public pool and will relieve any concern you may have about how to deal with solid waste accidents while your baby is swimming in your own pool.


Baby swimsuits are usually styled in a similar way to older children's swimwear, with full body tanks or trunks for boys and one-piece or bikini styles for girls. They may come with a matching sun hat. There are many different designs and some of them are very cute. Shop around for one that you like, but do not expect to find much available for babies under 3 months. Most of the ranges start at that age.

Baby wetsuits will keep baby warmer in the water so you can both stay in for a longer time, and are designed for swimming comfort. They look very professional and are designed to fit over swim diapers for your future athlete!

Baby flotation devices

There are many kinds of flotation devices available, from inflatable swimsuits through water wings, rubber rings and inflatable boats. However, most of these are designed for children of 12 months or older. Little babies in the pool should never be left alone and they will learn to swim better if you do not encourage them to rely on inflatable rings and other such devices.


Do not forget to use a good waterproof sunscreen formulated for babies and toddlers any time that your baby is in an outdoor pool to protect his or her sensitive skin from the rays that can attack even through a hazy sky. Remember that water reflects the sunlight, making it even more dangerous. You will want to cover your baby's head too. Your little one will probably not be very happy about having to wear a hat in the water and the hat is likely to get very wet very quickly if you insist, but you can at least have it there ready for when you climb out of the pool.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors or baby alarms allow you to monitor your baby when you are not in its presence.
This is particularly handy when your baby is asleep at night and you are in another room of the house.

Baby monitors can bring great peace of mind as they will allow you the freedom of continuing with other aspects of your life while still being assured that you have the ability to listen to any problems that your child might have.

Baby monitors or alarms allow you to listen to the noises made by your child and you can know instantly if your child is at all distressed or in need of attention.

Baby monitors are a relatively simple device and there are many to choose from on the market.
Online baby care stores will allow you to save money on your purchase and select from various options.

They consist of a radio transmitter that will relay the sounds to a receiver that is equipped with a speaker allowing you to listen to your baby from alternate locations.

Most baby monitors are wireless devices making them very convenient for you as you move about the house and they offer the benefit of various frequencies so you can tune into a frequency that isn't on the same wavelength as other devices that could cause interference.

Most baby monitors are unidirectional meaning that the sound is only transmitted in one direction from the baby to the parent however there are models that are bi-directional meaning you can talk to your baby from other rooms or let the sounds from where you are be heard in the baby's room which can make it feel more secure with familiar sounds around.

Along with these types of baby monitors there are also video monitors which allow you to look to see that everything is as it should be in baby's room.

The costs of these items are relatively inexpensive and can be wonderful for piece of mind.

Baby's Car Seat 

Although parents take so much trouble to choose a high quality baby car seat to carry their precious bundle of joy in the car, one of the saddest aspects of child safety on the roads is that in most cases they do not fit the seat correctly. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) almost 80% of child safety seats are badly fitted or misused.  

The most common errors are harness straps that were loose and safety belt attachments that are incorrectly fastened. These mistakes are defined by the NHTSA as 'critical' because there is a possibility of serious injury in the event of an accident. So most baby safety seats are not nearly as safe as parents think, and many babies are at risk.  

How then can you be sure that your baby will be safe in the car?  

First, make sure that you are using the right type of seat for your baby's age and weight, and that it is facing the right way. Some multi-purpose seats can be fitted to face either forward or backward and the fitting will change as your child grows. Babies under one year old and under 20 lb in weight should have rear-facing seats. But note that all child safety seats, whether forward or backward facing, should be fitted on the back seat of the car.  

It is also possible to buy infant seats for young babies. These are designed to be rear-facing only, so you will need a new seat when your child gets bigger. However, they will be a better fit for your newborn baby and they are easier to store and carry, being smaller. You can carry your sleeping baby around in his or her safety seat.  

If you prefer, you can buy a convertible seat that can be adapted to fit babies and toddlers. Convertible seats are larger and heavier and you are more likely to leave them in the car all of the time. They must be fitted in the rear facing position for young babies and then when the child turns one or weighs over 20 lb, the seat can be turned around to face the front. A convertible seat will usually hold children up to 40 lb.  

But whatever type of seat you select, the most important point is to fit it correctly. You must read both the instructions that come with the car seat and the owner's manual for your car. First, make sure that you have the seat firmly and correctly buckled into the car. Then make sure you know how to fit and secure the harness straps that hold your baby inside the seat.  

Don't guess - have your baby's seat checked by a qualified technician if you are not 100% sure that you have it correct. US visitors can go to to find a child safety seat inspection center near you.

 If you are considering buying a used seat or accepting one as a gift, consider the age and condition of the seat. Seats that have been used by several children in a family, or seats that have been in an accident, may be worn or broken and not safe for a baby any more. The label should tell you the date of manufacture and you should not use a seat that is more than five years old. Make sure that you have the manufacturer's contact details and warantee.

Hands Free Baby Carrier

One method of maintaining your babies contentment and happiness while allowing you the freedom to get many more tasks done throughout the day is to find a suitable baby carrier that will allow you to carry your baby effortlessly and in comfort without placing undue stress on your back and shoulders.

There are many different models of these baby carriers on the market and they are all designed for the ultimate comfort of both you and your baby.
They will allow you far more freedom than a pushchair or pram and at the same time your baby will be comforted by the fact that you are present at all times.

Often there will be times when your baby doesn't want to be put down or you have trouble stopping it from crying. This becomes all the more difficult when you need to get out for shopping or other daily activities. Having the ability to solve two problems at the same time is precisely why these baby carriers have become so popular with mothers and are now regarded as a 'must have' item for a growing number of contented mothers and babies.

Celebrities have popularized the use of these baby carriers which is a good thing as they have not only become a fashion statement for modern mums but a practical solution that most mums will find that they can't do without after realizing the benefits of using them.

They have even coined a phrase for this as 'baby wearing' and as the demand has increased for new and improved baby carriers the prices have fortunately become more reasonable, provided of course that you don't feel the need to have designer labeled baby carriers.

Check out the prices for these carriers from the online baby care stores you will find on the Internet as you will be pleasantly surprised at the savings you can get by buying online.

Safety Check at Home 

Most new parents quickly begin to start looking at all aspects of safety within the house and there are many areas that need to be considered when a baby or small child is living in the house.

You can never be too careful as it only takes a few seconds for an injury to occur that can affect your child's well-being for the rest of their life.

Most accidents that occur to children can be prevented if consideration is taken towards safety precautions that remove the possible dangers that are lurking in every household. Make your baby's crib a safe sleep zone by fitting our Baby Crib Safety Net, prevent any nasty creepy crawlies from entering the crib and stop your baby or toddler from climbing and falling out of the crib.

It is best if you have prepared for your child by looking at the safety aspects before the arrival however if that isn't the case then there is no time like the present to take stock of possible trouble spots throughout the house and this is made easier if you look at each room at a time and preferably with the help of your partner to ensure that nothing is missed.

Look at any items that are within reach of a small child or even those that can be reached with the use of other items lying about the room such as chairs or boxes or anything else that the child can climb on to access objects at a higher level.

You will be surprised at the places that an inquisitive child can get and how quickly they can get in those places when you are occupied with other tasks in the house.

Many a child has been severely burnt by pulling on electrical cords and having appliances or boiling water land on them. Fortunately these days many of the appliances are a lot safer where for instance most kettles no longer have a cord attached to them that can dangle below the level of the kitchen bench.

Electrical outlets are another area of concern as they are down at the level where a young child can quite easily put foreign objects into the outlet and get a shock. You need to look at the house from the eyes of a child and that might mean getting down on your hands and knees to notice all the objects that are assessable.

Even items that we wouldn't consider being a problem can cause considerable damage to a young child if they fall upon them from a height. An example of this would be books falling from a bookcase or ornaments falling from furniture. Any objects that could fall from shelves or furniture should be removed and stored away in a safe place.

Plugs to protect electrical outlets are relatively inexpensive and certainly there is no amount of money they could replace the damage that could be done to your child.

Any furniture or items in the house with sharp edges should also be protected in some way or removed as a young child unsteady on his feet can sustain a lot of injury when falling onto these types of items.

Staircases are one of the biggest causes of injury to young children.  You should always secure areas where children are above staircases with suitable barriers that cannot be tampered with, moved or removed by a child.

If there are other children in the house they need to be aware of the safety concerns of the youngest child as while they might be safe in their surroundings they can cause other problems for a younger child by leaving barriers open or objects lying about the house that can cause damage.

Baby proofing your house is an ongoing process that needs to be looked at more often when there are others living in the house.  Your child needs to rely 100% on your ability to supply the safety in their life.

It is one of the most important aspects of bringing up your child.

Make sure that you are completely happy with the safety of your child's environment before it learns to crawl.

Most houses have an array of small items that can easily fit the child's mouth and that presents the danger of the child choking.

These should all be kept behind locked doors and all cupboards on the house at child level should have childproof latches to keep out of harm's way.

Another area that many people overlook are doors that lock from the inside making it difficult for you to get into a room where a child might have become locked in.  Most door locks will offer an alternative solution where you can unlock them from the outside if needed in an emergency.  If you don't have these types of door locks fitted and there is no time like the present to consider getting it done.

Most items to baby proof your house can be obtained by good hardware stores or online hardware suppliers. Check them out as it is money well spent on your child's future.

Crib Tent - Crib Safety - Baby Safety Products - Crib Netting

Looking for the best way to make your baby's crib a "Safe Sleep Zone"

You have definitely come to the right place. Ezi Fit 5 in 1... Aussie Crib Net!

There are typically 5 reasons you're looking for a crib tent !

1. INSECTS: The need to protect your precious baby from dirty, nasty insects like cockroaches, spiders, mosquitos, flies and even scorpions.

2. CATS: You're  looking for a practical way to cat proof your baby's crib, you're not willing to take any chances with your new baby's safety.

3. Baby # 2: With your new baby due and your toddler still at the throw everything stage, you need a crib tent to prevent any flying toys landing on your new little baby.

4. Baby Stuck: Your baby gets his or her little shoulder, arm and leg dangerously stuck between the crib slats. You are now looking for a safe way to prevent this.

5. Climber: To your horror your toddler climbed out of his crib and went exploring while you were still asleep. He is not ready for a bed yet, you desperately need a safe way to keep him in the crib.

Hello, I'm Michelle Wackrow and like you my childs safety comes first. In 1998 I designed the Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net to keep my 5 month old son Ashley safe in his crib.

I am pleased and excited to be sharing my invention with you now. I have exactly what you are looking for to make your baby's crib a "Safe Sleep Zone"...

When only the very best will do !

My Crib tent is #1 for crib safety, giving you total peace of crib tent closes securely with a full length zip, the netting fits inside the crib, with an elastic fitted bottom holds firmly under the mattress. Your precious baby is now protected. No nasties get in and no babies get out. My Crib Tent should definitly be on your baby sfatey products shopping list. Your baby will love the cozy feeling the tent gives them.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Aussie Cot Net Co #1 Selling Original Australian Design...

Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net Is a safer concept in crib mosquito nets...

  • Designed to fit all crib sizes and styles, yes even convertible cribs.
  • Fits on the inside of the crib and under the mattress.
  • Full height for a spacious feel.
  • Netting for good air circulation and clear view of baby.
  • Zips closed to stop all nasty creepy crawlies and cats from entering your baby's crib.
  • Stops your baby getting his or her little shoulder, arm and leg stuck between the slats.
  • The tailored fit means no excess netting for your baby to get tangled up in.
  • My safety conscious crib tent is frame free and hangs from the ceiling.
  • No more toddlers climbing or falling out of the crib. 

Crib Tents "Truly A Life Saver"

 Child Safety Is NO Accident !

When you have my Baby Crib Safety Net fitted to your baby's crib, your friends and the Mothers in your play group will look to you as a trend setter, a caring sensible mother of action...your popularity at morning tea time will grow as all the other Moms pop in for a look. You can be proud knowing that you are leading by example, showing that prevention is better than cure when it comes to your precious baby's safety. The love you feel for your precious little baby shines brightly for all to see. 

Is Your Baby's Crib A "Safe Sleep Zone"?... 

I understand your concerns as parents for the safety of your precious baby. My dedicated team have been talking to literally hundreds of new Moms and Dads about the problems and concerns they are facing. 

You are not alone...I too have felt this pain. 

It Happened To Me... My son Ashley nearly died in a crib accident! 

Now there is a way to be sure your baby's crib is a "Safe Sleep Zone"... Original Australian Design #1 Selling... Baby Crib Safety Net - Crib Tent is your #1 choice in baby safety producrts, essential crib bedding for crib safety.

My baby crib tent is beautifully designed to enhance your baby nursery decor. The best crib netting to keep cats off. Baby safety products for crib safety use my crib netting. Tried and tested my Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net gets rave reviews from satisfied customers, Moms and Dads all over the world. Read the Crib Tent Reviews.


Childproofing... Your baby's safety comes first... Now it's time to start childproofing your home! 

Childproofing your home is easy when you start in the nursery by fitting my Crib Tent to your baby's crib. You will continue with your childproofing efforts in the home as your baby grows and becomes more curious and mobile.

Looking for a baby shower gift idea? look no further, my Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net makes the perfect gift. We have selected a great range of unique baby gifts to give as a baby shower gift, sure to be a gift that will stand out from the others. Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net. Strong crib net- mosquito net crib cover. 



Find the best unusual baby gift ideas here! Best Baby Gifts

Looking for a baby shower gift idea? look no further, we have selected a great range of unique baby gifts. Give a personalized baby gift as a baby shower gift it's sure to be a gift that will stand out from the others.

Baby safety products are always at the top of your shopping list. The Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net is beautifully designed to go with your baby nursery decor. With crib safety in mind our Crib Tent is essential crib bedding. Crib netting- mosquito net crib cover the best crib netting to keep cats off.

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Sids Prevention.



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