Why Listen To Your Sixth Sense ?
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Read Why You Should Listen To Your Sixth-Sense!

This is something I learned the hard way.

A couple of weeks before my baby was due I had a nagging feeling that something was not right, I still felt my baby was fine but something was not right. So at my next check-up I mentioned my concerns to the Doctor, I told him that I felt my baby was tangled with the cord, the Doctor said the baby would most likely sort himself out so I was not to worry.

When my labour started all was going well until I arrived at the hospital, the labour stopped and I was sent home. For the next week each day the same thing happened, my labour started and then stopped.

It was decided that I should be induced, the date was set and off I went, still with the feeling something was not quite right. Again I told the Doctor I thought my baby was tangled up in the cord and I asked for an ultrasound to check, only to be told that there was no need, there were other ways they could tell if the baby was indeed tangled.

Once I had been induced and my labour had started we reached the time when the Doctor told me the baby is coming, well nothing happened, four hours on and still nothing still no baby. My baby went into distress everyone panicked including me. No time for an emergency caesarian, so two Doctors cut and pulled, one pulling the baby and the other pulling the cord which was wrapped around my baby's neck and middle which meant he had no rope to bungee. There was no way my baby was ever going to come out on his own because there just was not enough free cord for him to reach all the way out, this had been the problem since the very first time I went into labour. I thank God that my baby was OK.

My sixth-sense was hard at work and I only half listened. I needed to stand firm and insist that something be done to check if my baby was tangled.

Michelle Wackrow

My Friends Sixth-Sense Saved My Life! 

You think I would have learned, but no. Two years later and I’m not feeling very well, not well at all really and I am just thinking I will feel better tomorrow.

A friend calls in for morning tea, almost straight away Delia is asking me am I feeling all right , I reply not bad. She won’t let it go, getting more insistent saying  I am getting the feeling someone is very sick and needs urgent medical treatment, she asked me again are you sure you are OK. As I was actually feeling quite sick I told her how I was really feeling, the next thing I knew I was off to the Doctor followed by a rushed trip to the hospital where they discovered I had an ectopic pregnancy that was rupturing and had become life threatening.  I was rushed in for emergency surgery, thanks to God and my friend Delia's sixth-sense that saved my life.

You can be sure that now I pay very close attention to my sixth-sense every time.

Michelle Wackrow




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