Why A Crib Tent?

Could It Really Be This EASY... To Keep Your Baby Safe!

And Get A Good Night's Sleep? 


The Answer is YES … And If You Want This You Can Have It.

In Just 5 Minutes You Can Eliminate All Your Stress And Worry… Then You Can All Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep!  

I have some important questions for you. 

  • Have you ever had your baby wake you up in the wee hours… only because their favourite toy, pacifier or bottle had fallen out of the crib?
  • Have you ever heard your baby’s blood curdling cry… when he/she has got his/her little legs and arms stuck in the crib slats and couldn’t move?
  • Do you worry that your baby will reach the curtains or blind cord and hurt themselves? Or worse.
  • Ever experienced going in to check on your baby only to find they are not in the crib? They had climbed out and got into goodness knows what.
  • Do you have a CAT in the house… and you are always wondering if you closed the door to the nursery?
  • Have you heard or read a story about a baby being seriously injured or worse... dying in a crib accident?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone.

In fact, that list of questions was created by talking to literally hundreds of new Moms and Dads about the problems and concerns they were facing.

I too have felt this pain!

I have heard too many stories of precious little babies being seriously injured and even dying in crib accidents.

These accidents are now preventable by fitting my Crib Pop-up Safety Net to your baby's crib.

It Happened To MeMy son Ashley nearly died in a crib accident!

Ashley's Story...
4 AM! Baby Ashley is screaming. I found Ashley in his crib pined on his tummy, his leg, arm and shoulder stuck tightly in the crib rails with his head bent backwards cutting off his air supply.
Yes I panicked! I rushed Ashley to our local hospital, the Doctor told me "Ashley was very lucky as he would have suffocated left in that position”!
Urgently I set about making Ashley's very own  Crib Safety Net Baby Ashley slept safely from that night on. 
Then as a toddler Ashley's Crib Safety Net kept him safe from climbing and falling out of his crib. Now in 2013 Ashley is a happy Fifteen year old.
Tried and tested My Pop-up Crib Tent gets rave reviews from satisfied customers Mom's and Dad's all over the world, your baby too will love the cozy feeling the tent gives him. I recommend that you fit my Crib Net as soon as your baby is born this will ensure your baby avoids crib accidents as he grows.

My Crib Pop-up Safety Net is beautifully designed to enhance your baby nursery decor

Childproofing...Your baby's safety comes first, start childproffing in the nursery by fitting My Crib Tent.  

It’s true that necessity is the mother of all inventions.

My  "Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net" Original Australian Design, by Mother Michelle Wackrow… to keep baby Ashley safe in his crib, is now available to all you Moms and Dads.

Ensuring you all total peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. I have eliminated many of your safety worries by sharing with you my Crib Tent.  

The best crib netting to keep cat off!

  #1 selling original Australian design Baby Crib Safety Net - Crib Tent is essential crib bedding for crib safety!

"Truly A Life Saver"

Your baby will love the cozy feeling the tent gives him.

"Easy fit design"- minutes to install...

  • Pop-up Crib Safety Net- Tent 

    • Quality Tested & Certified.
    • Stop toddlers climbing & falling out of the crib.
    • Help baby relax & sleep Better.
    • Super strong mesh netting.
    • Easily fits inside your crib in seconds.
    • Secure zip closure, please close to the top.
    • Fits a convertible crib and other crib styles.
    • Fits a standard mattress size 51" (130cm) long x 27" (70cm) wide.
    • Beautifully designed to enhance your nursery decor.
    • Keeps any toys, baby bottles and pacifiers in the crib.
  • Safety First Crib Tent! The spun wire self supporting hoops have no beginning, no end and no sharp bits, they are flexible and designed for safety.

Crib netting that protects your precious baby from any nasty dirty creepy crawlies and cats from entering the crib, while keeping baby safely in the crib. No more toddlers climbing or falling out of the crib or getting tangled up in the netting. "This is truly a life saver"...

You Need Our "Baby Crib Safety Net"

  • If safety is on your mind… you want the best for your baby.
  • If you are expecting your first baby.
  • If you have a toddler that looks like climbing out of the crib.
  • If you have pets in the house especially CATS.The Crib Tent is the best crib netting to keep cats off.
  • If you have a best friend who is expecting a baby.
  • If you are a grandparent and want to give the perfect gift.

My Crib Tent is tried and tested, gets rave reviews from satisfied customers, Moms and Dads all over the world. Guaranteed to do everything we say it will, to make your baby’s crib a "Safe Sleep Zone"

When do You Need It?  "Now"... Prevention is better than cure! 

 Quick question…

  • What is the best job in the world?

If you answered Being A Parent”...you know you are absolutely right.

JOB DESCRIPTION: You agree to… Love, Laugh, Play, Nurture, Nourish, Listen, Educate and to Keep Your Baby-Toddler-Child Safe.

It’s the job of a lifetime… That lasts a lifetime.

Being a parent is simply the best and most rewarding job there is. Even if sometimes we feel totally confused. This is especially true when we are trying to understand why your new born baby just won’t settle… they can’t talk to tell you, so you are left guessing. Well not any more I have something very interesting to share with you today. Did you know there is a way of understanding exactly what your baby’s different cries mean?


The Dunstan Baby Language teaches you to hear exactly what your baby is communicating. As a parent, you will be able to interpret your infant’s sounds and cries – and respond to their needs quickly and effectively.

Every newborn communicates from birth to 3 months using 5 distinct sounds that signal hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower wind/gas and discomfort.  This is regardless of the language their parents speak.  It is not a learned language.  Rather, it is a natural way for every baby to express their physical needs.

Now you are feeling more confident aren’t you?

The KEY is to be prepared!

The nesting faze that we all go through is all about being prepared…

You are busy getting everything ready, everything just right, clean and fresh, fluffed and folded making sure you have gone over your list to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Everything is ready, you have the crib made up, the change table, clothes, diapers, lotions, toys, car seat to keep you baby safe when travelling and a fabulous stroller with a safety harness so your baby won’t wriggle out, you have thought about childproofing your home with safety clips for the cupboards and safety gates for the stairs. You understand the importance of safety everywhere your baby will be. To complete the nursery you will need to install the Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net for your baby’s crib, as this is where your baby will spend the most of their time, and remember that while your baby is in their crib they are on their own, this is the time you use for having a sleep or doing things around the house.

 As you take a step back and look around your baby’s nursery you have a truly satisfying feeling of a job well done.

Give yourself total peace of mind today... with the Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net.

You couldn't live with yourself if you didn't act now... and your baby had a crib accident.

shipping world-wide... by DHL express 4 to 7 business days. 


Bringing hope and sharing wisdom.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy life.

Michelle Wackrow 

Crib Safety Net - Crib Tent Reviews

This product is awesome I highly recommend it.

I would like to say thanks for the Crib Safety Net that you gave me to test for you as part of your product standards testing.

I am just thrilled to bits with it. I haven't had to worry about my baby getting caught in the cot slats as I don't have any of those bumpers on the cot because I think they are dangerous as the baby could roll into them and wouldn't have any air. We have a pet cat and you’re never quite sure where she is, now I don't have to worry about the cat getting into the cot and possibly sitting on my baby's face. It' the best crib netting to keep cats off.

With the crib tent fitted to Hayden's cot I don't have to worry about so many thing that can happen to cause injury or worse. No worries now or as he gets older and starts climbing up down and over everything including the cot where he could have a nasty fall.

One of the things that impressed me was the size of the safety net it is so spacious, the baby can stand up with plenty of room to spare. And you can keep it on the cot right up to when your baby starts to sleep in a bed. Also you can see through the netting easily when peeking in to check on your baby and this means the air flow in the cot is great too.

Your Baby Crib Safety Net is awesome. I love it and thank you so much for the fabulous invention well done.

I highly recommend the Baby Crib Safety Net to everyone.

Erin Hughs. Maleny QLD Australia

Crib Tent Reviews:

I love it, since 1998

I bought my Cot Net in 1998, I used my Cot Net for both of my children, before I gave it to a friend for her first baby and it is still going strong. Now I have just bought a second Cot Net as a gift for my neighbour to keep their cat out of the baby's cot. We all love your Cot Net and are very impressed. Well done!

Tanya Rae

Tamborine Village QLD Austyralia 

My Baby fell out of my bed

Hi, just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with your  Crib Safety Net It arrived yesterday and I had the best night’s sleep in weeks. Sarah loves it too she thinks she is a princess.

My 7 month old daughter Sarah got stuck in the crib railings. She has been sleeping in my bed with me since. But she fell out of the bed onto the floor. A friend told me about your crib safety net, so I ordered one and it arrived yesterday. Back to normal now thank you.

Amanda Berkins. Sydney NSW Australia

The Only Crib Net That Works

It's a great thing -- and works for us. Because I have a convertible crib, your crib tent is the only one that works (and it works!).

Nomi Leidner, New York USA

Cat in the baby's cot

I am a young first time mother, 7 months pregnant. We have a cat that thinks the baby's nursery is for him, I have been finding him sleeping in the cot. I have been so worried about this I talked to my friends about what to do to stop him. My friends said cats are very territorial and I needed to find a way to keep the cat out of the baby's cot.

So I went online and found your website with the amazing  Crib Tent it was exactly what I was looking for, crib netting to keep cats off and out. I am so relieved now I can stop the cat and anything else from getting into the cot. Thank you so very much it's an all-round great product and it looks lovely too.

Sandra Waith. South Wales

So beautiful

I have just finished putting up my Baby Crib Safety Net I wanted to let you know how beautiful it looks in the nursery it's very pretty. I just love it thanks.

Kelly Jenkins. Bidgend Wales

Toddler gone walk about

Hi my name is Tracey and I have a 16 month old son Matthew. The other day I put Matthew down for his afternoon sleep, when I went to check on him he was not in his cot. Now the most terrifying thing about this is we live on a farm with 2 dams, we have cattle and horses. It took me about 10 minutes to find him in the paddock he was looking at the horses. I tell you I was hysterical with all sorts of thoughts running through my mind. On a farm childproofing the outdoors is impossible. 

A girlfriend told me about an Aussie cot net that she had seen online that would stop the baby or toddler climbing out of the cot. Straightaway I went online and found found it, bought it. Wonderful invention your Crib  Net is just awesome thanks Michelle and Jeanne. I won't have to worry about Matthew going walk about again or the new baby I am expecting in 6 months.

Tracey Bos. Auckland NZ

Best baby shower gift

My girlfriends put on a baby shower for me while expecting my first baby. The baby shower was just lovely the girls thought of everything. But it was my Grandmother that gave me the very best gift yes it was your Baby Crib Safety Net. As a young first time mother I admit I was a bit paranoid about everything to do with safety. The crib tent has solved all of my safety worries now I can put my baby down for a sleep knowing she is safe from so many things including the cats. Thanks to my internet savvy Grandmother. Now all my girlfriends are buying them.

Christine Billingham. Robina QLD Australia

 I love the way it fits

 I thought I had the nursery all set up. Yes I had a mosquito net over the crib and everything, to my horror my baby Max pulled the mosquito net into his crib and got himself all tangled up in it. This was an accident waiting to happen, luckily I went into check on him when I did. I immediately  took the mosquito net down and I was delighted to find you tailored fitting Baby Crib Safety Net and now Max has that on his crib and I know now he is really safe, thanks.

Lucy Geissmann. LA, USA


Crib Pop-up Safety Net...Quality Tested & Certified!

Quality Tested & Certified  Stop Toddlers Climbing & Falling Out 
Super Strong Mesh Netting    Zip Closure  Helps Baby Relax & Sleep Better
 Easily Fits Inside Your Crib In Seconds  Fits a Covertable Crib & Other Crib Styles 

Baby Crib Safety Net- Tent...

Baby Crib Safety Net- Tent...

Baby Crib Safety Net- Tent...
Click to enlarge image(s)
Proven to stop Babies & Toddlers crawling, climbing or falling out of the crib...

Sleepless Nights? up all night putting your baby back in the crib. It's time to get your sleep back with my Pop-up Crib Tent. Babies love the secure cosy feeling the tent gives them and they sleep better too!

  • Best- Trusted- Premium- Safe- Baby Crib Safety Net-Tent
  • See-through black netting, strong, soft to the touch, breathable mesh fabric. 
  • Cotton Jersey fabric base with stretch.
  • The net closes securely with an auto lock zip. No loose netting, your baby can’t get tangled.  
  • 5 seconds to install with no assembly required.
  • The self-supporting safety frame is flexible spun wire, it will hold to its original shape even after movement. 
  • Designed to fit crib styles with a mattress measuring approximately 52" x 28"
  • Crib Tent measures 132cm (52") long x 72cm (28") wide x 132cm (52") high 

Babies love the secure cosy feeling the tent gives them and they sleep better. Stop bugs, cats and scary monsters entering the crib. Stop Babies and Toddlers climbing- crawling and falling out of their crib. 

100% SAFE! Independently Tested to Meet and Exceed US CPSC Baby Product Safety Requirements!

Fits cribs and toddler beds with a mattress measuring 52" x 28" 
Baby Crib Safety Net - Tent 

"Truly a Life Saver"

US Warehousing FREE 2 Day Express US Shipping 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 9 reviews: 5.0 Showing: 3 of 9 Show All
Great Product, Even Better Customer Service!I’m really happy that I chose this crib tent. I did a TON of research on these. I have a newborn and an overly friendly cat and was desperate to find a way to keep the cat out of the crib. Keeping the door closed and listening to the cat cry outside the door endlessly was miserable. This tent is a total game changer. The baby and cat can be in the same room. The baby is safe and the cat is happy... fabulous!!! There are a lot of different versions of these on the market, but I definitely think this is the way to go for several reasons. First, it’s very well made and high quality. I don’t have any concerns that my cat will be able to “break in” or damage the tent in any way. I also feel that it is safe for baby. There are no obvious suffocation or strangulation risks to me. Other versions on the market I question the safety of. That alone to me is worth paying a little more. Second, the customer service was truly exceptional. I had a problem with the shipping on my order. I emailed the company to let them know and within minutes Michelle, who I believe might be the owner responded and immediately went above and beyond to resolve the issue. I was totally impressed and can say I whole heartedly recommend this company! If you’re on the fence as to whether of not you should spend a little extra and get this crib tent or get a cheaper imitation DEFINITELY get this one! It’s so worth it. You’ll be really glad you did! Written by Kathryn on Thu 31 Oct 2019 2:00:30 AM GMT
LOVE This Tent!!We've had ours for almost a year and a half and we are about to switch it to our son's toddler bed! . I cant tell you how much I love this product and the piece of mind that comes with it knowing he is safe. this is by far my favorite baby product to date and I highly recommend it to anyone with children under the age of 4! Written by Jessica on Sun 25 Nov 2018 4:03:29 PM GMT
CHANGED OUR LIVESThis invention (and the lovely lady who makes it) has honestly saved my families sanity. Our special needs son who is non verbal, autistic and has global developmental delay was escaping constantly from his cot. He was 2.5 years old but in no way ready for a "big boy bed". We'd tried everything to try and keep him in, special PJ's with limited leg mobility, even lowering this cot to an 'unofficial' level. Nothing worked and he was still escaping at all hours of the night simply because he could. We were very worried for his safety and we were all losing sleep over the situation.
After hours of trolling the internet for ideas and solutions, we came across this amazing site that was EXACTLY what we'd been looking for.
He took to it straight away and he has been an excellent sleeper ever since.
This cot net has CHANGED OUR LIVES. Saved our sleep and our sanity.
My son is now almost 4 and still uses this every day.
Thank you so much, we are eternally grateful to you and this product!
Written by Laura Ballard on Tue 17 Apr 2018 1:19:48 AM GMT
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Baby safety products are always at the top of your shopping list. The Crib Tent - Baby Crib Safety Net is beautifully designed to enhance your baby nursery decor. Fits all crib styles and sizes, It's the perfect Crib Tent for a convertible or 3 in 1 crib. With crib safety in mind our Crib Tent is essential crib bedding. Crib net - mosquito net crib cover the best crib netting to keep cats off. See the 5 step ezi fit installation instructions.

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